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Lady Raven's Footprints

Everything you did not need to know about the everyday life of Lady Raven

20 April
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I am a 50ish christian mother of two sons; wanna-be historian, web designer, thinker of deep thoughts, and gothic princess. Yes, that's right - I'm over 50 and gothic. Suffice it to say that I am a perplexing and anachronistic type person. I am a creative writer who has been published, in art I am mostly skilled in charcoal drawings and have sold a few. I am also a photographer whose favourite subjects include landscape, sunsets and sunrises, graveyards and historical buildings and anything done in black and white.

For fun, I read voraciously...both fiction and non fiction having to do with Celtic, Norse, Confederate, Reformation, Renaissance, Medieval, World War two, political, philosophical or theological subject matter. I also enjoy vampires, werewolves and other “darker” gothic type themes. I’m an amateur historian, philosopher and theologian and self proclaimed sovereign of my own emotional/mental and intellectual kingdom. I am a lover of personal freedom and self government and a non-conformist. I’m a confederate constitutional libertarian...needless to say I'm never happy with current politics. As you might predict, I am rebellious against the norms of fashion - you may find me in public sporting a corset or gypsy wear and possibly even a period costume for no good reason other than I want to wear it. I like antiquity goth, romantic-goth and period-goth styles mostly, though my hair has punk tendencies. In music I prefer celtic, renn, medieval, gregorian chant, ethereal darkwave, gothic rock, punk, melodic metal, medieval metal, hair bands, dark ambient, and new age, though I throw a little country or alternative pop every now and then to keep it interesting.

Other than these stats, you may find it interesting that I went to college to study early childhood education and am a gulf I era USAF veteran. I drink Coca-Cola, Fancy Coffees, Chai Latte or British style tea. I eat cheeses, chocolate, foreign food and salads with bleu cheese or ranch dressing.